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Budget Advocacy Resources

ACOSS has recently launched a new budget advocacy webpage. This page was developed with the assistance of VCOSS to give individuals and organisations more information on the measures included in this year's Federal Budget; and to give them some ideas on how to make their voice heard as these measures make their way through the parliamentary process. The page includes a number of detailed factsheets on current Social Security measures. The webpage also provides tools to support advocacy around budget measures, including links to key resources.  Sample letters are available for individuals and organisations to write to their local parliamentarian and advice is provided regarding contacting the media.

You can find all these resources and more by visiting the webpage here.

Why kill a working carbon price?

Since its inception, our price on pollution has seen electricity generators cut their pollution by 10  per cent. That’s more than 5 million tonnes of pollution that would have been in the air were it not for this law. During the same period, our use of clean renewable energy increased by 37 per cent. The fate of Australia’s response to global warming and pollution lies in the hands of our newly elected senators. Opinion piece by Kelly O’Shanassy and Cassandra Goldie, published in The Age on Wednesday July 9, 2014. Read the full article here.

Payment gap is at heart of the problem with our welfare system

It’s a relief to respond to a government-commissioned report on social security that starts with facts and analysis of real problems rather than anecdotes and stereotypes. The Welfare Review’s interim report busts a few myths. The proportion of people of working age relying on income support has fallen sharply from 25 per cent in 1997 to 17 per cent last year, while the proportion receiving disability support pension has been steady over the past decade. Opinion piece by ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie, published in the Australian Financial Review. Read the full article here.

Reduce poverty, complexity, and employment exclusion

In responding to the Interim Report of the Reference Group on Welfare Reform, ACOSS has stated that reforms should ensure that no disadvantaged group is worse off, that payments are targeted to need and that the system supports employment participation. Click here to read the full release

ACOSS, BCA, ACTU proposal: partnerships for jobseekers

The Australian Council of Social Service, the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Business Council of Australia have  jointly proposed improvements to employment services to deliver better job outcomes for people disadvantaged in the labour market. To read the full media release click here. To read the proposal click here.

Unemployment plan as unworkable as it is unfair

The federal budget proposal to remove income support from young people for six months of every year of unemployment is such a breathtaking departure from 70 years of social security policy that the Australian Council of Social Service and many others were puzzled about its purpose, and where it came from. Opinion piece by ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie, published in The Australian. Read full article here

ACOSS Conference presentations and resources now available online

Speeches, presentations and media broadcasts from the two days of the ACOSS conference are now available to view on our conference website here.

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