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2.5 million people living in poverty in Australia: ACOSS Report

Sunday 12 October 2014: ACOSS has released a new report revealing that poverty is growing in Australia with an estimated 2.5 million people or 13.9% of all people living below the internationally accepted poverty line.

The report provides the most up to date picture of poverty in the nation drawing on new data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Income and Expenditure surveys for 2011-12 and previous years. It finds that 603,000 or 17.7% of all children were living in poverty in Australia.

"This is deeply disturbing and highlights the need for a national plan to tackle the scourge of poverty which diminishes us all in one of the wealthiest countries in the world," said ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie.

ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie launching 'Poverty in Australia 2014' report on Sunday October 12, 2014.

Read media release here | Read full report here | Read about the methodology behind the report here

Rethink on harsh job search plan a victory for common sense

ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie said:

"We are pleased that the Government has listened to the concerns expressed by ACOSS, the business community and many others about the ill-conceived proposal to force jobseekers to apply for 40 jobs a month. At a time when there is only one job available for every five people looking for work, this would have been counter-productive and demoralising for jobseekers and an unhelpful burden on employers."

"We are also pleased to see the Government abandon its proposal to shift compliance functions from Centrelink to employment services." Read statement here.

Also Read Statement: Government report finds plan to deprive young people of income support breaches international human rights.

ACOSS launches Facebook page!

ACOSS today launched its Facebook social networking page, providing a platform for lively discussion about social welfare issues in Australia and the impact of government policies on the lives of people and communities.

Our Facebook page will be a hub for sharing stories about the impacts of social and economic policy reform on poverty in Australia and we welcome your support and contribution.

Find our Facebook page here. Help us Spread the Word!

Community groups demand halt to harmful Budget measures

ACOSS today led a large delegation of community sector representatives to Canberra to call on our elected representatives to reject harmful social security changes in this year's Budget.

ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie was joined by around 50 representatives from community welfare agencies as well as people directly affected by Budget changes at a press conference in Parliament House.

ACOSS also released a statement signed by more than 100 community organisations so far, expressing serious concerns about unfair budget measures, and urged parliament to reject the proposals outright.

VIEW the Joint Community Sector Statement on Budget social security changes

Find out more here. Follow us on Twitter @ACOSS and hashtag #UnfairBudget.

ACOSS 2014 National Conference presentations and resources online

Hundreds of delegates joined ACOSS in Brisbane in June for the 2014 National Conference and the opportunity to discuss potential local solutions to the global challenge of growing inequality.

The theme of this year's conference was Global problems, local solutions: Tackling inequality in Australia and beyond.

Speeches, presentations and media broadcasts are now available to view on our conference website here.

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