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Budget must chart a fairer path back to surplus: ACOSS

Press Conference
Who: ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie
When: 10am Thursday 29th January 2015
Where: ACOSS Office, 619 Elizabeth Road, Redfern NSW

ACOSS will today urge the Federal Government to focus on restoring revenue by addressing inefficient tax arrangements, rather than through spending cuts, and chart a fairer path back to surplus in its second Budget.

Find out more about ACOSS' Budget submission to be released at 10am today here.

Tax: Are we paying our fair share?

ACOSS today released a new report revealing that Australia's taxation system is not as progressive as often believed.

The report shows that although the personal income system is relatively progressive, this is offset by consumption taxes like the GST and other indirect taxes, producing a rate similar to that of a flat rate tax on incomes of around 25% on all income groups.

Key finding:

  • The bottom 20% pays an average of $129pw or 24% of their income
  • The top 20% pays an average of $1,006pw or 28% of their income
  • The second 20% pays 21% of their income

ACOSS says this is evidence that the greater the role for personal income taxes in the overall tax mix, the greater the reduction in household income inequality from the tax system as a whole.

Find out more here and download report here.

ACOSS proposes alternative to GP-copayments to fund health

ACOSS today called on the Federal Government to heed the growing community concern about affordable, accessible universal health care; and to focus on evidence-based solutions to pull back wasteful spending in the health Budget.

Read full statement and ACOSS' alternative proposals here.

Government urged to make a new start in 2015

Two of the nation's leading community welfare organisations today called on our nation's politicians and leaders to partner with business, welfare, community groups, and churches and charities in 2015, to address growing poverty and the country's jobs crisis, if we are to build a more prosperous, productive and fairer society.

Read full statement here.

ACOSS critical of funding cuts to community voices

ACOSS has expressed deep concern at the extensive funding cuts to community sector organisations, including to policy and advocacy work. ACOSS believes this will severely weaken the Federal Government's ability to engage with the community on the important reforms that lie ahead and deliver an inclusive growth agenda.

Read statement: Shutting down community voices will weaken Government's ability to make effective reforms.

New Cabinet: Opportunity to reset unfair Budget policies

ACOSS today responded to the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffle by calling on the Government to seize the opportunity to reset its budget and work with the community, including by engaging with those experiencing poverty and disadvantage, on major reforms. Read more here.

More information: Funding uncertainty hurting Australia's Community Sector.

Groups call for government to reject Healthy Welfare Card

Joint Statement - December 13, 2014

Australia's community welfare sector and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak organisations are calling on the Federal Government not to proceed with the implementation of the Forrest Review proposal for a cashless welfare card which would apply to everyone - people who are unemployed, carers, single parents and people with disability - except veterans and people on the aged pension. Read full joint statement here.

80% of community services unable to meet demand

Monday December 8, 2014 - The largest survey of Australia's community services sector reveals that 80% of frontline agencies are unable to meet current levels of demand with the resources they have. The biggest gaps in meeting demand are in the areas of greatest community need.

The survey of almost 1,000 community service workers from around the country shows that 43% of services are simply unable to meet the needs of people coming to them for help. A further 37% can ‘almost' meet demand. Only 20% reported being able to meet demand fully.

Read Full Statement and DOWNLOAD REPORT.

2.5 million people living in poverty in Australia: ACOSS Report

Sunday 12 October 2014: ACOSS has released a new report revealing that poverty is growing in Australia with an estimated 2.5 million people or 13.9% of all people living below the internationally accepted poverty line.

The report provides the most up to date picture of poverty in the nation drawing on new data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Income and Expenditure surveys for 2011-12 and previous years. It finds that 603,000 or 17.7% of all children were living in poverty in Australia.

"This is deeply disturbing and highlights the need for a national plan to tackle the scourge of poverty which diminishes us all in one of the wealthiest countries in the world," said ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie.

ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie launching 'Poverty in Australia 2014' report on Sunday October 12, 2014.

Read media release here | Read full report here.

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